4 Game Maker Games in 2BeeGames Final

on November 10, 2009 - 8707 Views

Four Game Maker games are among the 10 finalists of 2BeeGames’ second Indie Game Competition. The winning game will earn its creator $10,000 with $5,000 awarded to the public’s favourite.

Tower of Heaven by askiisoft

This platformer is the latest game to enter the Game Maker Community’s cage match Hall of Fame having won beaten three games in successive weeks back in September.

Kablooey! by Vertigo Games/Mr Chubigans/David Galindo

This is the latest game from legendary Game Maker user David Galindo and has been created especially for the 2BeeGames contest. David’s last game won YoYo Games’ Save the Planet competition.

Cochon’s Pursuit by Edouard Mercure

Edouard’s Save the Planet won the community vote in the first 2BeeGames competition earning himself $2,500. Now he is back with the cartoony Cochon’s Pursuit which has been played less than 800 times in over a year at YoYo Games.

Climb to the Top of the Castle by TwO Bros. Games

Incredibly detailed hand drawn graphics make this medieval themed game stand out.

The three lowest scoring games in a public poll running until the end of the week will drop out of the final.

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10 Responses to 4 Game Maker Games in 2BeeGames Final

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  3. Dominoes says:

    w0w these are awesome to view for sure 1st time hearing about this kind of competitions.The last Video I enjoyed most.

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  7. Joeri says:

    I recognize the concept from the first game in your list, Tower of Heaven, from one of the three hundred project entries:


    It’s probably where he got the idea for the game.

  8. Woutwo says:

    Wow, What a great games, they look like they are maked with C++ or something better 😛

  9. Brad says:

    Wow, I completely forgot about this competition. I think 2BeeGames is a great place. *Much* better than YoYoGames.

    Ahh! What happened to the site? That Halloween template looks weird… Hope it’s switched back soon.

    About the competition:

    I have only played Kablooey!, which I didn’t like that much, and judging by the videos, it looks like Climb to the “Top of the Castle” is definitely on the top.

  10. Caniac says:

    Be on the lookout for The Game Maker Shows First Minisode, which will actually be reviewing this game (we have been working on it for a while now, so this isn’t something we just started ;))

    edit (I totally forgot about the game :P)
    This is a really good game, love the game play. I hope all the GM Games do well 😉

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