Cactus IGF Finalist, GMIndie Issue 3

on January 4, 2010 - 2756 Views

  • GMIndie have released the third issue of their Game Maker magazine (direct pdf link).  There are two ‘reviews’ and a feature on the 3D Game Eye project to create Gameana games in Game Maker.

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  1. […] recently published an interview with Game Maker user cactus. Jonatan talks about Mondo Agency, IGF finalist Tuning and the psychedelic theme of his […]

  2. […] GMIndie Magazine has eight people working on it […]

  3. xot says:

    I don’t like 3dgameeye making up words and putting them in Wikipedia.

    On a more positive note, congrats to Cactus, your game looks far out as usual.

  4. skinnyeddy says:

    Flywrench got an honorable mention. Isn’t that made in GM as well?

  5. Oh, and this line cracked me up in the magazine:

    “If you put it too far the image will be
    crosseyes and you’ll probably be laughed at for making such as
    ridiculas mistake.”

    Oh dear. And I thought the intro was as good a definiton of irony as you could get.

  6. Toadfrogs says:

    My game(Crash Dodger) is in the said magazine guys 🙂

  7. Saw Cactus on the official IGF site earlier today! Watched the trailer of his game too…looks remarkable. Got to download 😀

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