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on October 6, 2012 - 3789 Views

It’s been a long time since YoYo Games last hosted an official GameMaker competition. All the way back in May 2010 the “Discovery” themed Competition 06 was held, with winners including an entrant who has since been employed by YoYo Games themselves. The last official GameMaker competition I entered was so long ago that my submission was actually the first game I’d ever completed!

Today on Twitter, Sandy tweeted the following:

I suspect that this will be exciting news for many GameMaker users. However, entrants will need to cough up some cash to be eligible to enter:

The requirement to use GameMaker: Studio suggests that future official competitions may be orientated around mobile platforms like iOS and Android instead of the traditional desktop platform.

What theme would you like to see for the next official GameMaker competition?

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8 Responses to Upcoming GameMaker Competitions

  1. fenyx says:

    Well, this is a surprise. My first completed game was also for a YYG compo! 🙂 (comp05)

    This will motivate me to finish a game, too! I need to finish it to be able to enter, ze.

  2. Have tweeted to Sandy about this. His response is a little vague though – it could be taken to mean compos WILL allow Lite/Standard entrants, or WON’T. I guess we’ll know soon enough anyway 🙂

  3. orange08 says:

    Sweet! I never participated in any of the previous Yoyogames competitions but they were always fascinating to follow up on. I’d definitely be interested in entering the next one!
    Are you actually asking for theme suggestions?

  4. elmernite says:

    Although I own Studio with the HTML5 add-in, I agree with xot. A contest build around the limitations of the free version, with the prize being the complete version of Studio would be great. I remember what it was like to want the full version but not be able to buy it.
    Looking forward to the other comps though!

  5. Nujuat says:

    I missed out on all of the other comps (I didn’t realise they existed at the time!). I’m definitely going to compete in this one(s)!

  6. xot says:

    I suspect another motivation for GameMaker: Studio competitions, aside from promoting the current product line, is to get more high-quality games into the Steam Workshop. Anyway, that was a suggestion I made a few weeks ago when I first learned about GameMaker: Studio coming to Steam.

    I also suggested a contest built around the limitations of the free version of GameMaker: Studio, which I think would be an interesting challenge and it would give users of the free version a reasonable chance to compete.

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