The joys of PM spam.

Rewired is looking to gain members who can design games and advertise their games
or make game making tutorials on our site, if u wish to join please do so.
http://url of crappy free advert ridden forum if not that is your choice.

So kind. They even give me a chance to choose not to join their 12 member, 69 post forum.

Of course we have the proactive GMC anti-PM spam policy out to help us:

Spam messages sent to you by Personal Message (PM)

* Disable the spammer from PMing you in the future. See below for instructions on how to do this.
* Don’t complain about the spam on the forum. You don’t want to give more attention to the spammer, do you?
* Don’t contact a staff member about the PMs. The staff does not deal with PM spam because 1) we don’t read your PM inbox and therefore cannot check whether accusations are true and 2) you can disable this spam yourself.

Here goes….

Dear Sir,

I decline your offer due to the pathetic nature of your forum and the way in which you feel it is appropriate to promote it.


I saved the best til last. The member’s first post on the GMC:

“how do you make a multiplayer game with gAME MAKER IF YOU FIGURE OUT POST IT HERE PLZ”

What do you think?

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  1. to claim that a year is irrelevant makes you stupid. Its like pulling something from when i was 10years old and trying to use it on me now as if it would matter.
    You can mention it all you want, but when the years are far apart than what i said in 2005 would not matter now.

  2. hmm, well first of all the Bearrick Above me is not the real bearrick, Second, yes i did advertise a site, I even said it was their choice, I did things in a professional manor, if u want to get more members u advertise. Third, Yes the post about me wanting to make a game was in 2005, that was around the time i had actually got into being on the computer and making games, and like many the first thing i wanted to do, was jump into a big game, I am older and i have learned from all this. If u are gonna mention someones first post, make shure it is a recent post, and not something from 2005.

  3. Dear “PhilGSucks”

    What does it matter? It’s not exactly good karma to spam some awful forum via the PM system and to have your first post contain the text “how do i make a multiplayer game plz how”

    In other news, it’s actually that sucks. πŸ™‚

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