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GameMaker highscores with Vex K

Vishnu Aravind has released an updated version of his online GameMaker highscores service.

I first reviewed the original service back in October of last year when writing for Issue 9 of the MarkUp game development magazine.

Put simply the site contains everything you need to create a global online highscore table for any game created in GameMaker. It handles both submitting and retrieving highscores, and everything is hosted for free for you.

The latest version, Vex K, includes the facility to show an online highscore table within a GameMaker game itself, instead of requiring access from a web browser.

The original Vitarsi Vex online highscore service currently hosts more than 270 highscore tables free of charge.

If you want to create a worldwide highscore table for your game and don’t have your own webspace, Vitarsi Vex K is my recommendation.

  • Mark Overmar’s announcement in October last year that YoYo Games will create their own online highscore table service appears to have come to nothing despite Mark stating that the service would be introduced “pretty soon”.

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