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GameMaker: Studio Now Supports Multiple Code Windows

As of the latest update to GameMaker: Studio, version 1.1.827, developers are now able to operate multiple code windows at a time, allowing them to edit GML code on a number of objects at once (or several code snippets on a single object) and browse through objects without closing the editor.

Until now, users of GameMaker: Studio and older versions of the software (such as GameMaker 8.1) were limited to using just a single code editor window, and were forced to close that dialogue before viewing other resources.

Some of the other notable changes in this update include experimental iCade support, Facebook HASH calculation inside the IDE, and alpha testing functions. Fifty-four bugs and issues have been fixed, including compiling/runner issues, and bugs affecting the usage of GameMaker, such as the constant requests to enter a license key upon launch.

This hefty update is crucial to all of those developing with GameMaker: Studio. Anyone considering downloading the patch should backup their projects first. In November of 2012, a GameMaker: Studio update was compromised with a malfunctioning DRM system that destroyed game projects. The dilemma was originally covered by Game Maker Blog and reported on major tech sites worldwide.

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