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on June 15, 2007 - 2747 Views have released a pilot episode of their Audcast, that’s a podcast to you and me. At 31 minutes and 20 seconds it is quite a long pilot, or at least I believe so. The sound quality isn’t great but it was recorded from a Skype conversation over a distance of more than 6,000 miles. I also feel the podcast could have done with being cut down a bit.

Listening to half an hour of conversation between two people isn’t exactly exciting. Improvements could be gained by breaking the show up with jingles and by conducting interviews or playing pre-recorded reports.

But as far as I know this is a first for the Game Maker world, and of course it’s always good to give something a go.

It’s also interesting to hear people for the first time, especially as I had built my own pictures of the GMking crew and their voices in my head!
I’ve passed on my comments to low-voiced Eyas.

Listen here:

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5 Responses to Listen to GMking

  1. Phil Gamble says:

    Yeah, I’d prefer shorter episodes too.

  2. jassinc says:

    This has been done, but the people who did the last one also included copyrighted music to try ad be like a real radio station. So they got attacked about that and we never heard from them again.

    But yes, sound quality needs to be higher. I had no idea what was being said 😛

  3. Leif902 says:

    I agree, higher quality.

    Sometimes voice optimized codecs (WMA Voice is very good) will give you better sound at lower bitrates (though your music may sound chopy…)

    for a list of a few….

    Also, I think the 15 minute episodes more often would be nicer.

    That’s my vote 😛 ,

  4. Phil Gamble says:

    A higher quality version would be preferable if possible, you could always release two versions like for MarkUp.

  5. Robin Monks says:

    I’m the low voiced one methinks 🙂

    Also, I compressed to Aud down to 11kHz, 27kbps VBR to get the size small, which probably reduced the quality a bit, a 56kbps, 22kHz sounded better, but was 13MB, I might give that a go next time for quality and see what people like best.

    We were aiming for 30min for the pilot, popular podcasts like TWiT are 60min, so we thought 30min was a fair target, we might try doing weekly 15min episodes rather than bi-weekly 30min shows…depends entirely on feedback.

    Thanks for the review Phil!! We applicate it!


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