Game Maker Audcast – Episode 2

on June 26, 2007 - 3004 Views

I was lucky enough to have been given a preview of the second episode of GMKing’s Game Maker podcast, which this week features Zack (a.k.a darksys92 on the GMC) stepping in for Eyas. The main difference is that this second episode at 19 minutes is about two-thirds the length of the pilot which, I think, makes for an improvement.

The encoding has been done at double the bit rate of the pilot episode making for a much better sound quality. Issues discussed include the open-source stencyl game creation software, porting Game Maker creations to other platforms and browser compatibility. Robin even managed to get in a quick plug for GameMakerBlog, and news of the YoYoGames endorsement was also there.

If you switch off you iTunes cross-fader you also get to hear my 9 second jingle at the end. Can’t say fairer than that.

An excellent episode has been produced by Robin, Zack and Eyas who provided a list of topics to talk about.

Game Maker Podcast – Episode Two (~8MB)

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8 Responses to Game Maker Audcast – Episode 2

  1. Leif902 says:

    Sounds good, I like the issue of discussing weather or not GM should be compliled (and about how all the new users should stop bugging mark about it?)

    I remember geargod and I got into a debate on the GMC because he said GM was compiled and I corrected him, in the end he started flaming me so I flamed right back, (I can be a jerk too) it was quite fun 😛 (even more so because I was right… heh 😉 )
    – Leif

  2. Phil Gamble says:

    I didn’t spot that, strange.

    Next episode next week?
    Anything amazing lined up?

  3. Phil Gamble says:


  4. Phil Gamble says:

    I know, it was an excellent episode 🙂
    Will you be back by next week?

  5. Eyas says:

    Robin: o_o.. the Z and J aren’t even close to each other. And its not like I forgot the name or anything..

    Well, we didn’t fully decide yet, but we’ll definitely talk about why I hate “making GM compiled YAYYY” so much, and why I think such suggestion – if implemented – would actually hurt GM.

    A take-3 on security might be needed, and some talk about G-Java’s beta, probably.

    As always, if there’s an interesting debate we might talk about it, as well as anything we can steel from 😀 And a game of the week, too.,

  6. Robin Monks says:

    >What can I say, Robin and Jack did an AMAZING job this time
    Robin and Zack 😉

    I can barely wait until next episode 🙂


  7. Eyas says:

    Yeah I will.. my ISP would’ve definitely sorted out the issues by then.

  8. Eyas says:

    What can I say, Robin and Jack Zack did an AMAZING job this time.

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