Softwrap Limited Ceases Trading

on May 25, 2013 - 12692 Views

Softwrap Limited, a company that provides e-commerce and DRM solutions for digital products, will cease trading on 1st September 2013. Softwrap was infamously an integral part of older GameMaker products, and while many veteran GameMaker users will be pleased to hear of its demise, the implications of Softwrap’s closure may be significant for GameMaker 7 and GameMaker 8 users.

It’s not difficult to gauge customer satisfaction with Softwrap by reading the comments section of our posts as far back as 2009.

The most shocking news of all may be that Softwrap Limited have a Facebook page for their fans, of which they have more than zero.

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6 Responses to Softwrap Limited Ceases Trading

  1. Phil says:

    I tried reinstalling Gamemaker 8, but I can’t do it anymore now that Softwrap is closed. Is there any way I can get it to work? I’ve paid for software and I can’t use it because of the drm.

  2. Yaw Ansong says:

    I loved softwrap as a company. I hated their DRM technology. I had a personal relationship with their then president, Richard Wienburg. Sad to hear of its demise.


  3. Chris Sanyk says:

    What will happen to softwrapped software when softwrap goes offline? Will it still run? Will it still install?

    I’m with xot, DRM always sucks.

  4. Andy Hamm says:

    The less companies pushing bad DRM the better…

  5. xot says:

    Why would I be pleased by the demise of the mechanism that allows the software I’ve purchased to be installed? I wonder if YoYo has a contingency plan,

    Repeat after me: DRM always sucks.

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