[Made in GameMaker] GameDevDan vs Life Launches on Steam

GAMEDEVDANvsLIFE launches onto Steam as a compilation of 50 “Made in GameMaker” games spanning all kinds of genres ranging from: Puzzle, Racing, Arcade, Platformer and Adventure. Dan himself not only co-founded  Chequered Ink Ltd, but also worked at YoYo Games for 2 years and learned GameMaker first hand. Check out the development process first hand by seeing how the games evolved over time by setting the sort order in the launcher from Oldest to Newest Read more…

First Impression Feedback – #02 Skelattack

by: Dave_Draws    Are you tired of being the dungeon “hero“? Killing innocent Skeletons without getting to know them? To understand a Skeleton, you must become one! Defend your dungeon! Oh, and you have a pet Bat, how cute! What is this, and what is that… and where are my pants?!

Sokpop drops Bamboo EP

Sokpop Collective’s newly released Bamboo Ep truly lives up to it’s name. The collection of three short bamboo-themed games is perfectly described by those recordings longer than a single, shorter than an album, and definitely worth listening to. Bamboo Moon, Bamboo Ball, and Bamboo Heart are the playful and intuitive tracks combined to make this cohesive EP.

First Impression Feedback – #01 DRADIS

by: Highlandcoo twitter website GMForum Do you like Space? Do you like Spaceships? Have you always wanted to control one of your own? And… can you type fast enough to survive?! In this game, a single typo can kill you!

Game Review – Spelunky

Spelunky by Derek Yu is a 2D side-scrolling roguelike with an emphasis on exploration. You may already be familiar with the more recent Steam, XBLA, and PSN releases of Spelunky, but it originally started as a small, pixel art freeware endeavor made with GameMaker. For the uninitiated, Spelunky is a game about an eponymous spelunker searching for treasure deep in the earth.

Game Review – Cook, Serve, Delicious!

Cook, Serve, Delicious! by Vertigo Gaming is an entry in the woefully underrepresented hardcore time management genre. Tasked with developing a five star, world-class restaurant from scratch, you’ll start by preparing simple orders like pretzels, hotdogs and soda, and eventually work your way up to steaks, complex soups and even a Bananas Foster flambe! Still, you might scoff, is this just another generic restaurant simulation that takes its marching orders from overly casual mobile games Read more…

Game Review – Gray and Green

Gray and Green by Granite Gear is a very simple and straightforward puzzle platformer. The backstory is as meat and potatoes as you can get: the world is occupied by cute humanoids who enjoy bright colorful things, an evil wizard comes along and takes all of the color away, and of course it is your job to restore color to the world.

GMVision releases their first “minisode”

After a short break, GMVision returns with a new “minisode”, featuring a review of Tower of Heaven. Askiisoft’s Tower of Heaven is one of four Game Maker games that have made the final of the 2BeeGames competition where they could win $10,000.