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Share your Desktop Wallpaper with WallShare

WallShare by zedman1000 is a small (2.84 MB download) program that enables you to swap and share your desktop wallpapers with other users from around the world.

Downloading and Installing
To get started first download the software from the WallShare website, Once you have downloaded the file you will need to extract the contents of the zipped folder using a decompression program. Then double click on ‘WallShare_Client02e.exe’ to launch the program.

Setting up WallShare
As this program shares wallpapers via the Internet you need to be connected to the WallShare server to make use of the application. Therefore when you run WallShare for the first time you may need to configure your firewall to allow the program access to the web.

When running WallShare occupies a very small area of your desktop and can easily be dragged and dropped to an unobtrusive location on your desktop should it interfere with your icons or any other widgets you happen to be running.

Downloading WallShare Wallpapers.
Right click on the top left menu to slide it down in to view. The timing options button (bottom icon) opens up a menu of options. You can choose for WallShare to cycle through all available wallpapers as previews in the right hand window (these are the “Set Timer” options), you can then manually make these your wallpaper by clicking on the preview and on the “Set Wallpaper.” option. Or if you prefer you can have WallShare automatically control your desktop wallpaper in Slideshow Mode. There are 3 timer options you can use to adjust the rate at which your wallpaper changes.

On of the great things about WallShare is that when you find a wallpaper you like and set it as your desktop background the image is saved directly on your computer. This means you don’t have to connect to the Internet or reopen WallShare for the image to appear in the future.

Uploading and sharing your Wallpaper
First make sure that the wallpaper you want to upload is your current desktop wallpaper. Then on the main WallShare menu select the top green icon. After a few seconds your wallpaper will have been uploaded to the service, and can be used by other WallShare users. All wallpapers are also included in the WallShare online gallery (follow the links from ).

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