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What next at the GMC?

Recent days have seen YoYo Games truly communicating with its community for the first time since it came into existence. We’ve had an upgraded forum with a new skin, frank admissions of YoYo’s shortcomings and the re-introduction of post counts.

On top of that I am now frequently seeing Mark Overmars and Sandy Duncan online at the GMC and they have been posting more frequently. I’m not sure what bought about this change but it is certainly for the good of the community – finally YoYo staff are commenting publicly on issues that effect Game Maker users.

Chronic has hinted at further changes to the GMC, anyone care to think what is coming?

  • A skin changer has been mentioned by several members and administrative staff since the YoYo Games theme came along, but there have been conflicting responses to whether or not the feature is coming. Thankfully the new theme is not as bad as I thought it would be – it appears that YoYo have decided to keep the GMC similar to its previous format.
  • Having 2 different forums really doesn’t help. The YoYo Games forum really serves no purpose, other than to display ads. It runs on inferior software, is slow loading appears to be more of a general chat forum than anything else. Why divide the community when it could all be together.

What would you like to see? What do you think is coming?

What do you think?

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  1. I can’t comment on any upcoming changes, but I can tell you that the GMC and YoYo Games forums will not be merging. YYG forum is primarily meant for game players, while GMC is for for game creators, and it’s going to stay that way. Right now, most people who post on the YYG forum are game creators, but that is not the ultimate intent. I would like to see YYG upgrade to more sophisticated forum software, I think Beast is sorely lacking, but I would not like to see the GMC and YYG forums merged, I think that would make things much worse. GMC is fragile enough as it is, we don’t need a huge influx of non-creators spamming it up over there.

  2. Since YYG’s forums seem to be for offtopic, why not just do the impossible and make an offtopic board in the GMC?

    The new version of IPB introduces better stability and would most likely support such a huge community much better, not to mention their new monster server.

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