YoYo to endorse Obfuscator?

As you may know I am disappointed that YoYo Games have not released a patch to enable users of Game Maker 7 to protect their games from the widely-known-about decompiler. Despite this it looks like they may will endorse the obfuscator project started by GMC member Schreib.

“This project is not officially supported by neither YoYoGames or Mark Overmars – yet. As close as today YoYoJim reported to me that this sounds good, and they might give their official consent.” [sic]


What do you think?

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  1. a bytecode interpreting thing like java would probably help several things, and it would make some other methods of security easier to implement.

    “the person who made the gm decompiler protector has a hack of his program. He is still not safe”
    no. you obviously don’t eve know what it does. the “decompiler protector” just changes the names of all your resources and variables. it’s still just as easily decompiled by anyone with the tool, so he couldn’t have a “hack” to it anyway.

  2. At the moment, GM games “compile” the scripts while the game is loading. I guess this could also be done by GM itself, so the plain text of the GML codes does not need to be included in the executables. This would make error messages unclear, but this should be done when building a release. Yet GM doesn’t do that and even builds the comments into releases.

  3. The basic design for Game Maker makes it nearly impossible to make a patch. The only way to truely solve this issue is to rewrite the entire runner and they are doing that.
    Doing a simple patch will only encourage hackers to try harder and they will find other holes.
    Game Maker was never written with a focus for security and you can’t quickly create a patch to include that in.

  4. Nate, you must be the most idiotic and naive person on this entire planet.

    You think that the decompiler and the obfuscator projects are related because the GUI looks the same (no shit, sherlock? They are both developed implementing Java Swing). Stop spreading ridiculous rumours about people you don’t know and about things you don’t know shit about. Why don’t you read up on things before drawing idiotic conclusions?

    Read up on Swing here:

  5. oh trust me, Blijbol – Yoyo won’t.

    Why waste valuable time patching a game maker when you can sue people for decompiling the people who use it?

    When was the last time Game Maker was updated?

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