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GameMaker Studio Adds Support For PS3, PS4, PS Vita

YoYo Games are currently attending Game Developers Conference (GDC) 2014 in San Francisco. Today they announced a strategic partnership with Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. offering GameMaker Studio users the ability to publish their games to PS3, PS4, and PS Vita.

GameMaker Studio users will be able to publish their games to the PlayStation platform free of charge as long as they are a licensed PlayStation developer.

Official Response

YoYo Games CEO Sandy Duncan said, “Today’s announcement is a major milestone in our strategy to make powerful, cross-platform game development more widely accessible. It’s particularly good news for the indie development community in that it will remove the complexity barrier that exists in delivering indie gaming experiences to PlayStation users.”

Sony senior VP Teiji Yutaka said, “We are pleased to be working with YoYo Games to deliver GameMaker Studio for our PlayStation platforms. PlayStation users will soon be allowed to enjoy a wide variety of creative games including unique indie game titles from GameMaker’s growing global community of developers, which includes some of the most acclaimed independent talent in the world…”

Sony’s senior business development developer Shahid Ahmad tweeted, “A big thank you to YoYo Games for their tireless work on bringing GameMaker to all PlayStation devices.”

Community Reactions

Reactions to this long-awaited announcement were mixed but mostly positive.

GameMaker community member Chris Sanyk said, “Wow, thanks! Keep opening more doors for us, YoYo Games!”

Fellow community member Alex Ziska said, “How useless for 99% of the people, yet they all rejoice.”

Code College operator David Batty tweeted, “This is great news for GameMaker developers. Congratulations to YoYo Games for constantly improving an already top product.”

Open Beta Availability

The GameMaker Studio open beta for licensed PlayStation developers will be available immediately following GDC. GameMaker Studio’s exports for PS3, PS4, and PS Vita are currently in development, with availability to licensed developers expected April 30th 2014 for PS4, May 30th 2014 for PS Vita and June 30th 2014 for PS3.

Become A PlayStation Developer

Self-publishing on the PlayStation network has the following benefits:

  • You can set the price and release date of your game
  • No setup fees
  • Receive a free ESRB rating
  • Streamlined submission process
  • Market your game to millions of PlayStation fans through the PlayStation Blog

Register your interest in becoming a licensed PlayStation developer »

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  1. Has anyone registered with Sony for this? And if so, how long did it take them to reply? I submitted the required info nearly 4 weeks ago, I immediately got an email saying they would be in touch, but I’ve heard nothing since.

    • I agree. Fully. More than fully. Yoyo is making it impossible to rewrite Game Maker to C# by adding more and more platforms.

      Yoyo should just stop right now, rewrite GM:Studio with a clean, modern, and oriented user interface. Oh, and write it in C# so it’s portable to any platform that can run Mono. (Meaning native OS X support via Xamarin.Mac) If Yoyo won’t then someone else WILL.

      I still cannot believe it has gotten this bad.

  2. Has anyone applied? What do you think is the best option(s) for a small (currently one man) private inde game company

    Do I have to register my company officially with my country’s government?
    Anything else I may not have thought of.

    (I figured someone will ask this so I thought I could be the one!)

  3. You must have missed something because when I went to the page, I saw the following:

    SCE Europe » Includes Europe, Russia, Middle East, Africa,India, Australia, New Zealand
    SCE America » Includes USA, Canada, Mexico, South Americas
    SCE Asia, SCE Japan »
    SCE Korea »

    I didn’t go any further than the page for the US because I need to know how much it’s going to cost me before I actually fill out an application.


    • If you actually click on those links, you’ll find that you need to be an established corporate entity to apply, and they need original scans of the proof of incorporation.
      : /

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