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50% Discount For GameMaker Studio Pro Upgrades & Export Modules

GameMaker Studio, the popular game development engine used to create titles such as Hotline Miami and the original Spelunky, is currently on sale. For one week only you can get a 50% discount on all upgrades to GameMaker Studio Pro edition as well as additional modules that add support for HTML5, iOS, Android, and more.

Details are listed below.


The Offer

You can take advantage of any of the following discounts:

Sale ends 25th of May 2014.


Simply enter your license key at checkout to receive any of the various discounts.

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  1. Well I am glad for this amazing offer THANK YOU so much. Coming from Construct 2 and having to deal with issues trying to export to Android, GM has been really great. It is worth the investment.

  2. Hi! I have a question.
    I bought a gamemaker standard edition a few days ago.

    And I got a email from yoyogames.

    and I copy and paste Licence Key.

    But… The Key is wrong key..I can’t use standard version…

    Yoyo help-desk no answer…

    I purchsed it my credit card..paied 49$..

    what shall I do?

    I have got Licence …Mm email.

  3. Hello!
    I bought GM Pro for $ 99 and now I want to buy Android Export Module with 50% discount. But when I enter the GM Pro key in chekout price still old (99$).
    What am I doing wrong?

      • Then I guess everyone gets the modules at a discounted price? Even if you do not enter a product key and go to pay with Paypal it gives the same price of 99$. Does not make any sense.

  4. Can you perhaps give us the standard version on a discount? I’ve checked it and you can’t basically do much with it according to the comparisons. I would buy it if I can get it at a discount, why don’t you guys give it away for free again? I’d like to start learning GM, but the exports alone is too much at normal price. Getting the standard for free would really help. What do you think of MMF2? Can you perhaps point me to a link that deals with the comparison between MMF2 and GM?

  5. Hi There

    What if I want to buy the $99 version and I don’t have any version yet? It shows $99, so there’s no discount for us that don’t have any versions yet? Please help out before the offer expires? I saw a few months ago, the pro was Going for $39.

  6. “Simply enter your license key at checkout to receive any of the various discounts.”
    I tried but i had a error: The code entered was not recognised

    I have to use my GameMaker: Studio Professional License Key, right ? And put it on the field for “Coupon or voucher code” ?

    • I think the most interesting feature would be the option to buy extra modules. Texture Management is mostly useful for mobile & HTML5 anyway, Multiple Configurations are almost never needed especially if you’re not making apps, you can use Team Features without the integrated support too and the Developer Services Portal only works with extra exports.
      So the most useful feature is that you can test for Android for free and that you can actually buy the exports. I don’t think Pro is really useful if you’re never going to make games for any export.

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