100 Games in 1

on August 22, 2008 - 3951 Views

Or – yet another attempt to flog CDs of GameMaker created games.

The team/person behind the project have rather aptly decided to name themselves “Pure Evil Productions” – bound, I’m sure, to inspire confidence in both game makers and game players.

The plan is for 100 GameMaker created games to be sold on a CD, with each game creator earning $0.35 (AUD) a sale.  This would mean the total minimum retail price of the CD would have to be at least $35 AUD (around 30USD, 20EUR, 17GBP), plus of course postage.

Or you could just download them, or very similar and probably more professional games, for free from numerous online freeware websites.

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  1. […] Software, who previously suggested a 100-games-in-one idea, are holding a $100 “Limited Graphics” GameMaker […]

  2. Hi there… I’m surprised to find a blog on my very own project.
    although it is mostly just critisism, I’m not sure why you would be bothered to post critisism here instead of on my own forum, or on the GMC thread i made… as you can see there are limmited ammounts of people interested in this subject here.

    please post your comments here: http://gmc.yoyogames.com/index.php?showtopic=393641&st=60

    or at the website provided in my reply.

    by the way, I have changed my website name to T.I.A Productions, as this is my company name…

  3. ynspyred says:

    the only people who would actually buy that are the ones who dont have the internet, and therefore cannot download the game for free.
    to all those unfortunate cut off people, I say this: Go to your local library with a memory stick and download them there.
    YYG will never make a profit on this, still, I hope they put one of mine on the cd (when i get around t posting some.)

  4. Broxter says:

    Simply put; it ain’t gonna happen…

  5. dunkey says:

    Cool! but 20 euro for a game with minigames is a little too much.

    First btw. ^^

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