4th GMKing Podcast released

GMKing’s sporadically released GameMaker Audcast Podcast is back with a fourth episode. Dan Eggers, a writer here and creator of GMTV, joins Robin Monks for a dicussion on GameMaker news from the past month.

Here are the topics covered in the second audcast of 2008:
Cage Match: 00:50
Loads of Game Maker mags: 02:18
G3D Effects library: 04:45
GMTV Merge with GMking: 06:26
Game of the Week: 7:27

This is the shortest ever podcast from GMKing and features background music for a short period of time – something not included in any previous episode.

3 Replies to “4th GMKing Podcast released”

  • It was good.
    But you said that you hadn’t heard anything from GMM (Now GMS) since March!
    We had released two issues since then, and one before this Audcast.
    Oh well, It was good overall maybe a bit longer later though.

  • Both of you had great voices for the audcast. None of Eyas’ dodgy accent!
    I did find some of the things you said a little surprising, but it was overally pretty darn good.
    I wonder if you will make one for next week, or will the next one be out in a couple of months :).

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