GMB is up for Sale!

I’m really short on time these days so I’ll keep this brief. I had high hopes when I took over the reins back in November last year. I started to implement a lot of new things and the content was coming nice and regularly. Readership is up, income is growing steadily and the subscriber count has grown nicely since I took over. However, due to personal circumstances at work I just don’t have the time Read more…

Valve to Ditch Greenlight in Favour of Shiny New Steam Direct

Vote on Steam Greenlight for Skelattack!

On Friday, Valve, the company behind the Steam platform, announced that their current Greenlight program will be discontinued and replaced by a new, stricter, fee-based system – namely “Steam Direct”. The announcement comes less than five years since the launch of Greenlight which has allowed indie devs to publish their new titles to an enormous user base following a successful voting period. Many see the current, and soon to be extinct, system as nothing more Read more…

Kickstarter Spotlight: NYKRA by ENDESGA

NYKRA is an upcoming game from ENDESGA which is currently live and Kickstarter and Steam Greenlight (links at the end). This week I caught up with Seth from ENDESGA to find out a little more about him and the game. Preparations are being made for the trailer… ~here’s a sneak peak at a test scene [ @NYKRA #GAMEDEV #Kickstarter] — ENDESGA (@ENDESGA) September 4, 2016

List of Successfully Funded GameMaker Kickstarter Projects

Independent game developers seeking to raise funds for their projects have been turning to the popular crowdfunding website Kickstarter as a means of doing so. A number of GameMaker projects have appeared on Kickstarter, and while not all have been successful, several have. We’ve compiled a comprehensive list of GameMaker projects that have been funded on the platform.