Sync Simple – Android Game Review (Xeronix Works)

Sync Simple

Sync Simple is a 3D-view arcade shooter in which you fly through a colourful tunnel destroying invading aliens.  It is the latest Game Maker creation to be released on Android.

Loading the app presents you with a snazzy animated menu which, for the first time in a YoYo Games title, offers an option to select your desired method of controlling your ship.  The default option is to use the tilt sensor built into your phone and there are a couple of other options which use different styles of on-screen controls.

You can opt for two distinct on screen buttons to move left and right or, if you prefer, a control area the width of the screen where the ship heads towards the current position of your finger.  The virtual button hotspots are handily indicated on screen each time you start playing, especially useful if you are switching between options and don’t want to be caught out!

Sync Simple 2 Buttons

The ship steers in a rocking motion and it takes a while to move from one side of the tunnel the other, the turning circle on this would be atrocious so it’s just as well movement is restricted only two directions!

I found I could achieve the greatest precision in my movement by using the separate left and right on-screen buttons (as shown on the right).

We highlighted the PC version briefly when it was featured on last year and the title transfers over to the small screen very well indeed.

Unlike the original title which required you to manually shoot you continually fire in the mobile version.  You’d probably do this anyway so it just removes an unnecessary step so you can focus on directing your ship in front of, or out of the way of, the space-invader inspired baddies which float towards you.

As you advance you can boost your speed and the strength of your weapon by collecting power-ups.  There are also power-downs which have a negative effect and should be avoided.  Areas of the tunnel floor covered with a  checkered texture provide a temporary speed boost if you suddenly find yourself out of the fast paced movement you have movement you have become accustomed to.

Sync Simple (Move towards)Once you have successfully eradicated a certain number of tunnel inhabitants you power ahead straight into the next level of the game identifiable by a change in the colour of the tunnel walls.  If you aren’t paying attention to the counter below your ship, which indicates how many more aliens must be destroyed to advance, some of the more dramatic the colour changes may leave you disorientated for a few seconds.

The changing colour scheme immersed me in the game and remarkably I found some of the combinations to have a weird day-glow effect!

The squeaky music and sound effects complement the game well and there were no noticeable audio lags even if they were present.

Ads located at the top of the screen don’t interfere with the game play at all though they do look a little unsightly so you may wish to remove them by purchasing the full version.

Sync Simple is easy to get started with and the choice of controls can help you find a setting you are comfortable with and better able to achieve a high score using in this exciting fast-paced shooter.

Xeronix Works’ Sync Simple published by YoYo Games is available in the Android Marketplace.  Get it now:  Ad Supported – Free or Ad Free – 59p.

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