Valve to Ditch Greenlight in Favour of Shiny New Steam Direct

Vote on Steam Greenlight for Skelattack!

On Friday, Valve, the company behind the Steam platform, announced that their current Greenlight program will be discontinued and replaced by a new, stricter, fee-based system – namely “Steam Direct”. The announcement comes less than five years since the launch of Greenlight which has allowed indie devs to publish their new titles to an enormous user base following a successful voting period. Many see the current, and soon to be extinct, system as nothing more Read more…

GMB 2016 Review & Financial Report

2016 Review & Income Report

We’ve arrived in 2017 with much to look forward to in the development of our much loved software, GameMaker Studio. 2016 saw the release of GMS2 and the community has taken to it rather well, with games starting to take shape to show off what the new software is capable of. Last year also saw the revival of this blog, which is what this post is really about. I wanted to reflect on the last couple Read more…

Indie Insight: Vacuous

vacuous gameplay 2

A truly addictive but equally frustrating game, Vacuous is a minimalistic action/puzzle game for Windows PC. Featuring an original soundtrack by ZABIE. The game is available right now over on for just $5. The main aim of the game is to use thrusters to make fragile bombs dance through obstacles, whilst suffering the consequences of physics. Each stage throws up increasingly challenging obstacles to maneuver your bomb through in order to blow up mind control Read more…

Indie Insight: Bit.Saw

Bit.Saw is a rage puzzle platformer by @shubshub11 that involves flipping the gravity to collect the squares (which are called “Bits”). In doing so it builds the doorway to the next level, each level is of increasing difficulty and it is sure to make you want to rip your hair out! The full version of the game contains 24 Levels which can take anywhere from 20 Seconds to 20 Minutes to beat depending on your Read more…

GameDev Behind The Scenes #1 – Making A Small Sellable Game Fast by @nmeunier

Have you ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes throughout an indie game’s development cycle? In this ongoing devlog series for my upcoming game Missile Cards, I’m peeling back the curtain to share my processes, thoughts, tips, and experiences as I develop and launching a small commercial game on Steam using GameMaker Studio. In this first installment, I briefly explore how I got started making Missile Cards, cover the concept of a “minimum viable Read more…

Missile Cards Needs YOU!

missile cards gameplay 1

Missile Cards is a fresh, new mash-up of the Atari classic, Missile Command, and the functionality of a strategic, turn-based card game. I recently caught up with the developer, Nathan Meunier, to find out how the game idea came about as well as delving a little into his background in gaming.

If It’s On The Internet It Must Be True

If you’ve found yourself reading this article then I can only assume that you’re either a game developer that uses or follows GameMaker Studio or that you’ve been tricked into reading it purely on the amazing title that I given this article, if that’s the case then all I’m going to say is you’ve made it this far, why not continue reading and see where it goes. To sum up this article I’m going to Read more…

Inspiration for Your First GameMaker Attempt

So you’ve taken the jump and decided to download GameMaker: Studio. But what are the simplest gaming options for you to take your first steps in game development?