Stencyl Games Emerge

The Stencyl game creation tool which has been in development for a couple of years has finally released 3 games which are fully playable within a browser that have been created using its engine.  The project, which no longer plans to be open-source, had been labelled vapourware by many as little had emerged publicly from the team behind the project.

All of the released games are platformers.

A release date has still not been announced but there there is a beta program which you can apply to join – if you try and get any joy please let me know.

Self-promotion disclaimer/excuse for a link: I have a terribly out of date blog about Stencyl (formerly

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  1. Anyone with the right mindset can create a 2D game. It’s really empowering and challenges you to think creatively. If you are not a creator, that’s fine, because you can play games in the browser. It’s really for everyone.

    All of the games loaded relatively quickly on my Mac.

    And anyhow, Java-game making isn’t exactly the point.

  2. I love the games. And, right off the bat, they can be played on Mac and Linux besides Windows. It can also be played directly inside my browser like a flash game. Just wish to see whether other genres of games can also be made with Stencyl. Their founder Jon claimed that more games will be unveiled weekly. I’ll bookmark the site and keep an eye on it now that it’s showing it may be the real deal.

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