$3000 Software Giveaway – GameMaker Studio & Construct 2

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As of today, GameMaker Blog has been online for 7 years! To celebrate this milestone we’re giving away $3000+ worth of free software, including licenses for GameMaker Studio, the beginner-friendly game development engine that this website is all about.

Entering the draw is quick and easy, and completely free. Continue reading for more information about the prizes and how to join.


The Prizes

Thanks to YoYo Games and Scirra we’ve managed to put together a fantastic set of prizes for this giveaway. GameMaker Blog has also contributed some prizes to round out the selection. This is our biggest giveaway to date.

Here are the prizes!




GameMaker Studio is a popular game development engine that caters to entry-level novices and seasoned game development professionals alike, allowing them to create cross-platform games quickly and easily.

We’re giving away…

2 x GameMaker Studio Master Collection licenses – contributed by YoYo Games
1 x GameMaker Studio Master Collection license – contributed by GameMaker Blog

Total value: $2399.97




Construct 2 is a powerful HTML5 game development engine designed specifically for 2D games. It allows anyone to build games – no coding required!

We’re giving away…

3 x Construct 2 Personal Edition licenses – contributed by Scirra

Total value: $357.00




Making Money with HTML5 is a digital book that teaches video game developers how to find financial success with HTML5 web technology. If you would prefer to buy the book upfront, you can use the discount code SAVE20 when checking out for anย exclusive 20% discount (limited time offer).

We’re giving away…

10 x Making Money With HTML5 books – contributed by GameMaker Blog

Total value: $299.50



Here’s everything there is to know about this event:

  • Each winner will receive a single prize.
  • Winners will be selected by random draw.
  • Winners will be contacted by email.
  • The results of the draw will be announced on the 1st of May 2014.

How To Enter

You can get up to two entries in the draw by sharing this giveaway on Facebook or Twitter. If you share on both, you have double the chances to win!

Follow these simple instructions to enter the draw:

  • click a button below to share on Facebook or Twitter
  • after sharing, a text box will appear on this page
  • enter your email address in the text box and click ‘submit’

That’s all there is to it! Easy.

This social media element allows us to continue giving away awesome prizes for free, and it helps others find out about the giveaway.

Bonus Prize

Finally, we’re giving away a USD $100 cash prize via PayPal to a randomly selected person who leaves a meaningful comment below. You will be contacted at the supplied email address if you win.

Thank you for participating in GameMaker Blog‘s latest giveaway. Good luck!

257 Replies to “$3000 Software Giveaway – GameMaker Studio & Construct 2”

  • A few weeks ago I bought your book Making Money with HTML5. It’s a short reading but full of valuable information! I highly recommend it for starting HTML 5 game developers. It saves you a bunch of time. After I finished with book I decide to give a chance HTML5 after years of game development with Flash/AIR. I like way how you are promoting HTML5. It’s the great motivation for other devs to start with HTML5. Keep up the good work Matthew!

  • Thanks for doing this kind of contribution to the gamedev community! Keep up the good work (and success) ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Hi
    I so badly need construct. Both are amazing software and you have to give credit to the developers for making our lives easier. Compared to Java, this is awesome, it save you hours and hours. I am so glad I came across both. I know i will win because I need this the most ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Comparison is the thief of joy. ~ Theodore Roosevelt.

    During the creative process this really helps me focus, comparing yourself to others can be a severe detriment.

    Great draw TV, gl everyone.

  • Nice to see both Game Maker and Scirra working together. Have used both tools and find them both equally good. Amazing prize pool too. Good luck to everyone, but I hope I win! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • HI
    Man I really need to get my hands on Construct 2. The exchange rate from where I am makes it rather expensive and I’m rally eager to get my hands on it to develop some mobile games. The software is awesome and easy to use. Gamemaker is also a great piece of software. You have to give credit to the developers for making our lives easier. I’ve recently started learning Java and when compared to Construct 2, it is a time saver, a big one, and you don’t have to learn code or spend hours trying to figure out your mistakes. I know I’m going to win this because I need it the most LOL.

  • Thanks for doing this! Huge opportunity for new programmers and also those that cannot afford the as-of-now pretty expensive, but super helpful, packages of Game Maker Studio.

  • Wow! It’s people like you
    that help make people’s dreams come true.
    Programming is fun after a tiring school day.
    Thanks for this amazing giveaway.
    Good luck to everyone.
    And as always, Have fun!

  • This is amazing. I am a newbie and using Construct 2 to make simple game. This will help so much.
    And congratulations for 7 years anniversary!

  • I’ve been subscribing to your news for about a year. I really like your income reports. That motivates me to work on gaming industry. So far I’ve learned to design on Construct 2.
    Thank you for this awesome giveaway too!

  • Thank you for this giveaway, and for the amazing work you keep doing in this blog !
    You gives us all hope !

  • Awesome Contest guys thank you for thinking of present and future developers, Good Luck to everyone =D

  • I must say I’ve just come across this awesome blog and read all those amazing comments about what you’re doing, people thanking you, you’ve got an awesome community right here. People say that you’re changing their lives and I would just like to point out that it really is true. It’s not just nice words. We all have difficult situations in life, everybody have problems of all sorts and sometimes the only thing that keeps you going is your passion and when you’ve found it then that’s it, it’s all you’ve got and you can’t stop thinking about it and all of a sudden it becomes your life. I mean really. For somebody it can be really all they think of, trust me on this one. I would just like to say that you really are changing lives, for which I would like to thank you and encourage you to keep doing so. Whatever it is, your blog, your words of encouragement or such wonderful giveaways – keep doing what you’re doing, you’re changing people’s lives for the better.

    Thank you for your time,

  • Well, if it was not for this site I would have given up game maker with version six. But with your fantastic news (in particoular about discounts) I was able to get my game making passion back.

    Thank you ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Guys, you are amazing! I deeply love all tools that help people easily make their dreams and ideas real. GMS and C2 is the greatest examples of such tools.

  • Fantastic prize pool. Even if you don’t win , the tools are still good value, it’s all you need to become a game maker. So easy to use. Good luck everyone.

  • Wow! Thankyou for this great opportunity. Since i know Game Maker this blog was my Milestone and now it can be the great chance to be the fulltime indie developer i want!! Thanks!!

  • I’ve recently learned about Game Maker actually. I’ve always wanted to make a game, but just couldn’t find the “right” program to make it in. I have a bit of background in programming, but not in gaming. I gave other programs a try like Flash, Flixel, Flashpunk, RPG Maker, but none has come close to the combination of ease and potential. Greatly enjoying the program thus far.

  • wow awesome giveaway.
    the lucky winners of these cool and easy tools should start making games right away and they will be starting their own gaming company in no time .

  • Making Money with HTML5 was a great and insightful read! I recently read it. This blog and the book itself puts things into perspective as to where to start with your HTML5 development journey and to know what to expect from other companies that you have to deal with as you market your HTML5 creations. Thank you!

  • It’s difficult to say something that hasn’t been said in all the comments above mine.
    I follow this blog plus True Valhalla which helps me hold on to the dream. You show us that it can be done and I’m thankful for that.
    Keep up the good work Matthew!

  • All informations in this site are very usefull and are true prizes.
    This post now, is more one of the fantastic points of your site.

    I true have to tanks for alll this.

  • You are truly an inspiration, helping us developers with these epic giveaways is a legendary thing to do.

  • Congrats on 7 years. Few have the patience or the desire to keep a resource like this going that long. Here is to many more years. A Great Blog and resource for Game Makers. Cheers again!

  • This is totally cool!

    I’ve been designing in Construct 2 (free edition) for awhile now and i would recommend this awesome program to anyone interested in making their own indie game!

    Happy anniversary you guys!! =D

  • 7 years and still strong. Risk of Rain, Hotline Miami… this is a really awesome software package. Can’t wait to see what the future holds for Game Maker. Thanks for the opportunity as always @TrueValhalla

  • 7 years, imagine that, you look back and say “Woah how much this have changed, how much time it has been”, congratulations :).

  • 7 years is a heck of a long time for a blog to be going for. Plenty of things have come and gone in the same time.
    I’ve been a regular reader since I got into Game Maker about 5-6 years ago and can’t wait for the big 10milestone in a few years time.
    Congratulations and keep up the great work! It’s been invaluable to the GM community.

  • This is a great contest!!!I would love to win Game Maker Studio…i’m with my firt professional proyect and i would like to make games to OUYA and iOS.

    Good luck to all. Greetings from Argentina.

  • Thanks for doing this kind of stuff, Valhalla. Gamemaker and HTML5 have both been really helpful in our indie game efforts, and I think your websites and posts have really inspired us to push harder and get more small games out there.

  • Meaningful comment eh?
    Well if I win I will make a game a bout Space Dragon Weasel/Ferret hybrids that play pinball puzzles in space… then scrap it to make a space harrier clone then scrap that to make a rail shooter engine only to scrap that and go back to Space weasel/ferret dragons in space.
    Complete with virtual arcade coin system cause I miss the arcades and I’m tied of just being handed continues.
    New age crazy thinking bah, stick to my roots.
    Also pseudo 3D effects were awesome.

    Very nice contest glad a friend told me about it :3
    Whomever wins make something 90s style insane :3

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