$3000 Software Giveaway – GameMaker Studio & Construct 2

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As of today, GameMaker Blog has been online for 7 years! To celebrate this milestone we’re giving away $3000+ worth of free software, including licenses for GameMaker Studio, the beginner-friendly game development engine that this website is all about.

Entering the draw is quick and easy, and completely free. Continue reading for more information about the prizes and how to join.


The Prizes

Thanks to YoYo Games and Scirra we’ve managed to put together a fantastic set of prizes for this giveaway. GameMaker Blog has also contributed some prizes to round out the selection. This is our biggest giveaway to date.

Here are the prizes!




GameMaker Studio is a popular game development engine that caters to entry-level novices and seasoned game development professionals alike, allowing them to create cross-platform games quickly and easily.

We’re giving away…

2 x GameMaker Studio Master Collection licenses – contributed by YoYo Games
1 x GameMaker Studio Master Collection license – contributed by GameMaker Blog

Total value: $2399.97




Construct 2 is a powerful HTML5 game development engine designed specifically for 2D games. It allows anyone to build games – no coding required!

We’re giving away…

3 x Construct 2 Personal Edition licenses – contributed by Scirra

Total value: $357.00




Making Money with HTML5 is a digital book that teaches video game developers how to find financial success with HTML5 web technology. If you would prefer to buy the book upfront, you can use the discount code SAVE20 when checking out for anΒ exclusive 20% discount (limited time offer).

We’re giving away…

10 x Making Money With HTML5 books – contributed by GameMaker Blog

Total value: $299.50



Here’s everything there is to know about this event:

  • Each winner will receive a single prize.
  • Winners will be selected by random draw.
  • Winners will be contacted by email.
  • The results of the draw will be announced on the 1st of May 2014.

How To Enter

You can get up to two entries in the draw by sharing this giveaway on Facebook or Twitter. If you share on both, you have double the chances to win!

Follow these simple instructions to enter the draw:

  • click a button below to share on Facebook or Twitter
  • after sharing, a text box will appear on this page
  • enter your email address in the text box and click ‘submit’

That’s all there is to it! Easy.

This social media element allows us to continue giving away awesome prizes for free, and it helps others find out about the giveaway.

Bonus Prize

Finally, we’re giving away a USD $100 cash prize via PayPal to a randomly selected person who leaves a meaningful comment below. You will be contacted at the supplied email address if you win.

Thank you for participating in GameMaker Blog‘s latest giveaway. Good luck!

257 Replies to “$3000 Software Giveaway – GameMaker Studio & Construct 2”

  • This would be awesome to win!
    However, I can’t share through facebook since the window (after it opens) is just empty… I don’t really like that since i’d really like to win something (a)
    “I like winning” ~Rune Laenen, 2014

  • Gamemaker rocks, I would love to be able to use any of these products! I am studying and trying to get started making games right now and any of these would help so much. It can be especially helpful for making things cross platform.

  • This is perfect timing. We are starting a non-profit that helps under served kids in the Philadelphia area with learning how to make games and this couldn’t come at a better time. I would like to thank the companies and this blog for helping in supporting the efforts of the indie game scene.

  • I like the variety of prizes, but for some reason I’d imagine it would be more interesting to give away some GM:Pro extensions instead of a completely different engine like Construct. Although I have to say the contest did allow me to discover the blog!

  • Thank you for the giveaway. It is also great opportunity for indie developers to make more powerful and features-reach games.

    Good luck everyone.

    P.S. To whom it may be interesting. I already own Scirra Construct 2, It is great 2D engine with quite extensive features list, such as physics, Facebook integration and XML. But I’d like to get Game Maker simply because I use to it since I started with version 4 by Mark Overman. but can’t afford Master Collection, as I currently developing for mobile market primarily.

  • Although odds are always against me, I’ve been positive these last 3 weeks. I stumbled upon this blog and have been driving my wife crazy from talking about finally making games and apps. my visions of games and interactive mobile apps are coming. I posted it here first. Skrillascratchpaper! A giveaway like this cannot becoinscedence, has to be fate.. Prize or no prize your site it appreciated beyond font.

  • Been a supporter of construct2 and gamemaker studio for quite some time(also check out stencyl for those that haven’t). My preference is construct2 however, the master collection of GM could very easily change that opinion. Each have their advantages and I refuse to say one is always better than the other.

    My advice to people just getting started or trying to decide between the two. Is pick one. Does not even matter which one. But pick one and make and finish a very simple game. Like think of a simple game, and then think of one even easier than what you just thought of.
    One thing to consider is construct2 has a nearly full version available free to download and try(it is also easier for people without programming background).

    Anyways, if I get that $100 its going to my apple dev license.
    And any of the other prizes are just icing on an already great cake.
    Good luck to you guys!

  • Thank you so much GameMaker for existing. With you I was finally able to escape the evil clutches of RPG Maker and Zelda Classic and finally learn how to program a little more on my own… Oh, when I think of the past…trying to create even the simplest animations in RPG Maker…my whole body cringes…

    I also love this blog, thank you for creating this giveaway and allowing us fans to have a chance at getting such wonderful prizes.

    Love and Peace!

    – T. Hicks

  • TrueValhalla, you rock! Ever wanted to make games and finally found this great piece of software through your site. I only have to keep my motivation up.

  • 33 years old, busy with two (age 2 and 4) toddlers running around at home all day. But never too old or busy to learn to program, right? I already got the Computer for it, all I need is the software and some sleepless nights, maybe?

  • Hi there Matthew and readers of this comment,

    I’d like to thank you for providing this opportunity to those who want to be successful in the games industry.

    It’s people like you who are lowering the age entry point for anyone who wants to make games (even software) in programs like GameMaker: Studio and Construct 2, and with a lower age requirement for the games industry, people can be more successful at a younger age.

    I’m pretty certain soon enough there will be teenagers who have to start paying taxes for the profits they make on their amazing software; similar to how there are successful people (teens) in the music and acting industries respectively.

    It’s also nice to see GameMaker and Construct 2 gaining tons of sales, when everything is moving towards the ‘cloud’ and software is now becoming online based and ad-infested.

    Game Development isn’t a industry anyone can be apart of, it requires passion,talent, focus and more because the door to quit will always be there, following you.

    I’d just like to wish you guys good luck for the future, and good luck to Matthew on becoming a millionaire and visiting space before 2020, it should be possible thanks to Virgin Galactic!

  • My fiance is constantly spreading the word of these competitions and I know he would totally love it. Would be a great wedding gift I would say… Thanks and keep these amazing opportunities running.

  • I hope this competition can help spread the word of this website to others, like it has me. Keep up good work!

  • I must admit it’s my first time seeing this site, however, I think I’m going to ‘stay’ here a little longer πŸ™‚ It seems cool and that kind of giveaway is awesome too!

  • Awesome giveaway.
    Hope to get one of the gamemakers, always wanted to try their ios export feature.

    Big thanks for this πŸ™‚

  • After graduating from University in Scotland and gaining a degree in Games Design I was set on creating my own indie titles. Knowing of the great games that have come from devs using Game Maker and knowing Yo-Yo Games is a Dundee based company, I had to take a look. What i found was an easy to learn and easy to use dev kit. Ever since I’ve been using this software. Thanks a lot everyone who has had a hand in getting this game development kit recognized and respected in the Games industry.

    I’m looking forward to the future of Game Maker. See you there πŸ™‚

  • True Valhalla grows bigger and bigger every day πŸ™‚
    Just watch him bubble up and grows international corporation ! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€
    Respect and support !!!

    Good Luck to everyone!

  • This is a really great opportunity to people who want to start with creating games. As a developer for Windows Phone I’m glad that you are giving people the chance to get really good software which otherwise costs quite much (especially in eastern europe) compared to the US. Please never stop sharing gamedev πŸ™‚ we love indie games πŸ™‚

  • Wow! so many people spending their time thinking of a comment so they could win 100$ and pay their bills, including me. what happened to this freaking world!!?

  • I have been using game maker for about 5 years now through the different versions and I highly recommend anyone looking to break into the world of game or software development enter this contest because it might just kick start your career, I use the basic version of studio and it’s still great πŸ™‚

  • Wow! This is a very generous giveaway that’s going to help a few VERY lucky game developers. I would love to get my hands on that Master Collection. Congratulations on the blog milestone, and keep up the amazing work!

  • GameMaker Studio has enabled our small dev team to realize some dreams, but we still need some more licenses for HTML5, the Yoyo Compiler and whatnot, so I’m excited about this contest!

    Congrats YoYo Games on 7 years!

  • Thank you for this opportunity, i’m still new for the html5 game market with no released game yet, but your blog post helped me alot.

  • Thanks for this, I would love to win, I really got inspired by your html5 story. If I’d win the 100 bucks I’d buy the HTML5 module, if I win one of the licences the money goes to your book and I’ll donate the rest to you.
    These kinds of giveaways are amazing, I’m sure everyone would love to win of course, I wish everyone the best luck, and the winners to have an amazing time with their prize.


  • Really cool site. Its nice to see, that there are very competent people in the construct 2 community πŸ™‚ Good luck with your future projects

  • Congrats on the anniversary! I do enjoy this blog and will be sure to follow up and any news you’ll have to offer! Again congratulations on the great seven years you’ve had and can’t wait what will come next! πŸ™‚

  • You like games? Sure, who doesn’t! You wanna make games? Heck, why not?! But do you have what it takes to make them?

    Now, with Game Maker Studio, anyone can make the games they are cooking up in their weird little (or big) brains. Whether you are a squid in the indie scene or a grizzled veteran in the big leagues, you have all the tools at your disposal! Simple interface. Minimal coding.

    No. More. Excuses!

    So get game making with… um, well, you know… Game Maker Studio!

    -pun for fun-

  • As a junior high school computer tutor, I found Game Maker to be a good way to pique students’ interest in studying about computer. Usually, students are not particularly enthusiastic in learning about computer beyond using Facebook, downloading stuffs, and the likes. One day during a session about computer software, I mentioned about programming software, and how development software had progressed that you can create a game by mostly drag and drop, with little coding involved. I then used an old GM version and show them the basic scrolling shooter tutorial. I never had a more attentive class before that day. Some of those students are now studying Software Engineering in Vocational High School.

    I would love to do this again, this is the time of the semester where I will get back to this same topic for the latest 7th grade classes. Having a new licensed Game Maker software would be such a blessing, since so far I had only been able to theorize about the cross-platform game creation.

  • I have wanted to create and/or design video games since I was in middle school. Recently, I have been learning how to use various programs to design worlds/levels and modify game files, such as Bethesda’s Creation Kit, Valve’s Hammer Editor, NifSkope, and TES5 Edit. Having access to these engines or a the digital book would be a huge help to propel me into the gaming industry.

    Good luck to everyone who enters into the contest! πŸ˜€

  • The feeling of success generated from finishing a project is equal to the amount of support you get from simply being a part of the gamedev community. Because that’s what game development boils down to eventually – the sense of wholeness you get from just sharing your experiences with others.

  • Thanks Matthew for the great opportunity you’re giving everyone here! And thanks for showing me what hard work and dedication can do, because of you I’m on my way to living my dream. Good luck to everyone πŸ™‚

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