YoYoGames.com is worth $696,640

on March 9, 2008 - 3552 Views

Many of you have probably seen people trying to flog off third-rate domain names claiming to have had them appraised and valued at ridiculously humongous sums. DNScoop is actually one of the reasonable sites out their valuing websites based on their Page Rank, number of incoming links and age of domain amongst some other figures. Crazy GameMaker domain valuations were first brought to my attention when Gamez said that GMShack.com was worth $80. Personally I wouldn’t pay $8 for that particular domain.

So I decided to take a look at the DNScoop valuations for some other GameMaker websites.

First off GameMakerBlog.com (obviously I would check that first!) – DNScoop gives us a valuation of $906 which is probably about $806 too high. It is scarily accurate with its prediction of potential earnings per link from text-link-ads being $5 a link – the figure is actually $4.50 at the moment.

Stencyl.org, a domain I certainly believe to be more valuable than GameMakerBlog, gets a measly valuation of $60 due mainly to the low number of incoming links (just 49). I wouldn’t sell that domain for $60 though as with the Stencyl project developing there will be a potential to either expand the blog I currently have there, develop the site or sell it for a figure greater than the quoted $60.

YoYo Games get an expectedly high value of $696,640 helped by its PR6, 45,000 odd incoming links and Alexa Rank pushing 10,000.

Obviously these figures are approximations based on DNScoop’s idea of domain pricing, but it is a bit of fun to see which GameMaker related websites come out on top!

  • 64Digits.com – $23,920
  • GameMakerGames.com – $16,284
  • GMking.org – $1,090
  • GameMaking.org – $436
  • GameMakerTech.info – $309
  • GameMakerResource.com – $247
  • SnowMoons.com – $150
  • MyGMGame.com – $144
  • Gamemaker-TV.com – $30
  • GamemakerTV.com which I recently sold to Danny for $10 – $0

DNScoop also seems to appreciate the failure of GameMaker Stream, giving it a value of $0.

What are your GameMaker related domains worth?

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7 Responses to YoYoGames.com is worth $696,640

  1. BrandMan211 says:

    I don’t think this is accurate. My old hosting site, according to this, is worth $11,000+. I’d rather this NOT be true as it was sold for far less…

  2. Faltzer says:

    “The estimated value of http://pokeuniverse.info is: $1,272″

  3. Rusky says:

    abubalay.com is apparently $370

  4. tuntis says:

    Well, tuntis.net has so many backlinks because I used to run 2 horrible blogs there 😀

  5. Phil Gamble says:

    Lucky tuntis 🙂
    FreeG131.com is only worth $196

  6. tuntis says:

    “The estimated value of http://www.tuntis.net is: $872″

  7. Blijbol says:

    My website http://www.blijbol.nl appears to be worth $3,584! I’m rich! Additionally, personal site http://www.jeroenvandergun.nl is worth $150 and my site about mathematics (www.wiskunde123.nl) $224.

    The Dutch GMC appears to be worth $7,015. I highly doubt that NGMC : Blijbol = 2 : 1. This calculator does not seem to be very accurate.

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