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With the recent launch of the official GameMaker asset store we’re starting to see useful GameMaker engines, resources, and tools spotlighted in a streamlined and centralized format. The new asset store is already proving to be an influential addition to the GameMaker ecosystem. In this new series we’ll be highlighting some of our favorite marketplace assets.

Improve your projects using the assets listed below.


Black Playing Cards

This collection of stylized abstract playing cards by Amazing Design is one of the more eye-catching assets on the store. Suited to a neon interpretation of poker or blackjack, these playing cards could be used to reimagine a variety of classic concepts. Perhaps we’ll see more casino-themed assets from this publisher, such as mobile slots, dice, or roulette.

Draw Trail

This popular script by Killer is used to draw a trail effect behind an object. The script is configurable and the functionality is solid, but unfortunately it doesn’t work on all platforms.


Draw Text In A Circle

This script by NAL Games is also proving to be popular. It does exactly what it says on the box. Using this script you can easily draw a string of text in a circle, and you can even configure the radius of the circle.

Don’t forget to support the publishers by checking out their other assets.

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  1. Chris says:

    Shameless plug, I’ve released my first YYG Marketplace asset, mmap, It provides a powerful, easy to use mini map object, with the capability of simulating a radar or sonar screen:

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