“Sensational Garbage”

on September 2, 2007 - 3270 Views

pythonpoole stated the obvious in a post at the GMC regarding the pathetic loading times of YoYoGames. Anyone should be able to tell that YoYo is slow at loading because of the sheer amount of content they have on each page. But I thought this was illustrated particularly well in this topic at the GMC which FredFredrickson called “sensational garbage”.

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5 Responses to “Sensational Garbage”

  1. Jake Ruston says:

    Wow, I think YoYo games should do something about this. The files are a LOT bigger than the original site!

  2. Garion says:

    I’m willing to bet, that not one person over at Yoyo knows how to code HTML, I mean they used third party forum software, and as a result we have (or had) to login twice. They got another company to make the website

    So it doesn’t really surprise me.

  3. WA says:

    The no-cache is in fact very strange because there is no reason for disallowing a browser to cache it. I mean, the yoyo page doesn’t change every 5 seconds. So every time you load the page everything needs to be loaded again, even if nothing has changed at all.

    Furthermore YoYo doesn’t use gzip compression to make the code and html smaller, as many other pages including the GMC do.

  4. Sheldon says:

    Haha, I just got finished reading that topic and then decided to check out the latest on your blog and what do I find? You really keep a close eye out on everything to do with Game Maker.

    “sensational garbage”… I found that quite amusing.


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